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The 7th Annual Lost Hills Easter Egg Hunt

Last Saturday, our Lost Hills team hosted their 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt – a free event that is open to the community each year. Check out our photos and see what guests made a special appearance! Read More

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3 Easter Basket Gift Ideas Using Pistachios

In sharp contrast to our previous blog, Sweet Treats: Easter Dessert Recipes Featuring Pistachios, we’re also here to give you healthy alternatives for your Easter basket gift ideas. Take a look at the different ways you can make pistachios a part of your Easter baskets this year. Read More

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Sweet Treats: Easter Dessert Recipes Featuring Pistachios

Spring is officially in the air, and with Easter right around the corner, we thought you could use a few more dessert recipes featuring Wonderful Pistachios. What’s Easter without a few sweet treats, right? Read on! Read More

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Pistachio’clock Recap!

Can’t get enough of our Pistachio Intern? Check out our pistachio’clock recap in case you missed one of his adventures in and around the office over the past month! Read More

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Meet Our Merchandisers! Q&A

This week, you’ll meet our merchandiser Theresa P. who creates our in-store pistachio displays for all your folks out in Philly. Find out what her secret is to being one of our successful merchandisers and what you don’t know about the bunch… Read More

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Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling Team Training Camp

Wonderful Pistachios employees received expert cycling advice from the Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling Team members at a training camp in Paso Robles earlier this month. Take a look at the photo gallery filled with scenic photos of their great rides… Read More

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St. Patrick’s Day Pistachio Pudding Recipe

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough St. Patrick’s Day dessert recipes, here’s one more: the official Wonderful Pistachios pudding recipe created by our favorite food blogger, Nicole Presley of Presley’s Pantry. What better way to celebrate St. Paddy’s day than with a green, semi-gelatinous dessert? Oh come on, who doesn’t love pistachio pudding?! Read More

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7 St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Recipes

On the prowl for green St. Patrick’s Day dessert recipes? Well, what better way to turn your dishes green than with our pistachios! Take a look at these seven mouth-watering dessert recipes that will have you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in no time. Read More

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St. Patrick’s Day Paleo Pistachio Ice Cream [recipe]

Find out how to make this St Patrick’s Day Paleo Pistachio Ice Cream with our exclusive recipe created by our friends at Pure Eats – Go Gourmet Paleo! Nothing beats green desserts on St. Patty’s Day. Read More

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Ask a Pistachio Expert: Ripening Process and Lifetime Expectancy Of A Package

This week your Pistachio Expert demystifies the ripening process of pistachios. Did you also just discover a bag of Wonderful Pistachios hiding in the dark corners of your pantry (a rare, but delightful occasion)? Find out what the lifetime expectancy is for a bag of Wonderful Pistachios. Read More