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Win a Sounders FC Prize Pack and Case of Pistachios

Listen up! We all could use a little more pistachios in our lives, but how about seeing the Seattle Sounders FC play a mean game of soccer? More details on how to score a Sounders FC prize pack containing: four tickets to the September 23rd game, an autographed Roger Levesque jersey, and a case of Wonderful Pistachios! Read More

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Pistachios: the new HIT snack for baseball games

You can now find Wonderful Pistachios at 12 ball parks nationwide, making us the new snack of choice during America’s favorite past time. Read More

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Pistachio Harvest Coming Up

Pistachio lovers, rejoice! September is arguably the best time of the year for Wonderful Pistachios enthusiasts because that’s when harvest begins. Not to mention, a huge bumper crop is on its way to help support global demand (yes, we’re that popular). Learn more about all things pistachio during harvest season

FACT: California is the leading producer of pistachios worldwide, and our pistachios have been happily baking in the sun all summer so they can get crackin’ this fall.¬†When they ripen in late summer or early autumn, the pistachio kernel fills inside the shell so vigorously that it splits the shell.

Did you also know pistachios made their way to the United States in the early 1930s? To think we went that long without them.

Check out our photo gallery, videos of the orchard, and more about the best pistachios in existence:

More on Wonderful Pistachios:


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[Q&A] Jose Ramirez Heads to London Olympics

Wonderful Pistachios sponsored boxer Jose Ramirez is currently en route to London where he will be competing on the 2012 USA Olympic team. We couldn’t be more elated, and he had a few minutes to chat with us about his journey to the top!

Read this Q&A about our pistachio-fueled boxer. Read More

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Get A Free Wonderful Pistachios Stress Ball

Do closed nuts stress you out? How about empty shells – do they make your blood boil? Good news: we’re giving out free Wonderful Pistachios stress balls in exchange for your first born. Just kidding, read on to see how you can score a *free* Wonderful Pistachios stress ball!

Read More

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Keyboard Cat Reaches Rochester! [Winners List]

Keyboard Cat successfully reached his next stop in Rochester thanks to your help. This means five lucky winners will receive the next set of prizes. See if you were one of the winners. Read More

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Wonderful Pistachios does the Derby!

Haven’t been following our pistachio ramblings on Twitter this past weekend? Wonderful Pistachios was hobnobbing with celebrities at the Kentucky Derby’s Style Icon Lounge — jealous? See how celebrities like Oscar Nunez and Ice and Coco get crackin’ and check out these photos! Read More

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Pistachio Sighting at Earth Day Food & Wine Festival 2012

The journey for our pistachio suit continues thus making its debut in Paso Robles, California for the Earth Day Food & Wine Festival! Our friends at JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery poured some of their finest wines and dished out samples of our tasty pistachios. Check out our nutty photos from the event… Read More

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Happy Earth Day!

April 22nd is Earth Day, and Wonderful Pistachios couldn’t be more excited to celebrate Mother Earth. Wondering how we take care of the environment? Read up on our eco-friendly farming techniques that help protect our natural surroundings for years to come. Read More

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5 Best Hiding Places for Your Pistachios

If your pistachio addiction has a stronghold over your sanity, the search for an inconspicuous hiding place never ends. No spot is safe for too long, so take a look at our five best hiding places courtesy of your peers. Read More